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RC-model is a very professional sport, which includes electric cars and fuel cars, boats, helicopters and airplanes. RC-model is assembled from many parts, and RC pinion is one of the important parts.
Sanmin Gear is China’s Leading RC pinion gear Manufacturer and Supplier, with a professional production team and advanced production machine tools. It has nearly 20 years of experience in producing RC pinion gears. Since 2006, it has cooperated with several RC-model companies in the United States to create a full range of RC pinion gears


Main application areas:

  • RC-model creates :   the most complete RC pinions production base, the fastest and most efficient production process.
  • Robots and drones:    In the future era of artificial intelligence, we need more precise pinions as the most important guarantee for transmission parts, robot joints, and motion work.
  • Transmission automation:    The equipment of the future is highly intelligent and automated, and we can provide more reliable parts.

RC pinion gear


1. Reliable quality: We have the most advanced production machines and automation equipment

2. Huge cost advantage: Ningbo, Zhejiang is China’s largest machinery industry base, with a complete supporting chain.

3. Fast delivery: Ningbo Port is the largest port in the world, and we are 30 minutes away from the port.

MOD1 pinion gears

pinion gears

rc gear

If you need more information, please click the link below, which contains detailed RC pinion gear specification sheet.



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