Metal Gears Manufacturer and Supplier

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Metal Gears Manufacturer and Supplier

  • What are Metal Gears?

There are various types of metals, including different grades of steel, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. A common characteristic of metals is their conductivity. These materials can be used to produce a variety of gears, each suitable for different working environments.

  • Functions and Characteristics of Metal Gears:

The functions and characteristics of each type of metal differ. For instance, steel, with materials like C45, 40CR, 16CRMN, 20CRMNTI, can undergo heat treatment to achieve specific hardness and strength, making the gears more wear-resistant. Aluminum gears are known for their lightweight nature and cost-effectiveness but may not be as wear-resistant. Copper gears are less prone to rust, easy to process, and certain bronze or aluminum bronze materials exhibit wear-resistant properties, suitable for various worm gear devices. However, the drawback is the high cost associated with copper, as it is an expensive material. Stainless steel gears are corrosion-resistant, possess some degree of wear resistance, but come with a higher price tag and greater processing difficulty.

  • What Metal Gears Can We Produce?

Sanmin Gears can manufacture a wide range of metal gears, leveraging thirty years of experience and advanced equipment to ensure reliable products. Our engineering and technical staff are adept at determining the best processing methods for various metals.

Below is a specification table for the types of metal gears we export. If you have specific requirements, please feel free to contact our customer service.

  • Metal Gears Specifications for Export

    Material Characteristics
    Steel (C45, 40CR, 16CRMN, 20CRMNTI) Heat-treatable for enhanced hardness and wear resistance.
    Aluminum Lightweight, cost-effective, but less wear-resistant.
    Copper Resistant to rust, easy to process; some bronze materials offer wear resistance. High cost.
    Stainless Steel Corrosion-resistant, some wear resistance, but higher cost and processing difficulty.
  • SANMIN Metal gears

Sanmin Gears can produce a variety of metal gears with three decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. Our engineering team excels in determining the optimal processing methods for different metals. For detailed specifications or customized requirements, please contact our customer service.


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