s2m timing belt and timing pulley

s2m timing belt and timing pulley

If you are looking for an S2M timing belt or S2M timing pulley, and you want high quality at competitive prices from an honest and reliable supplier, I can solve all your problems and save you a lot of trouble.

  • Who are we and what can we do?

We are Sanmin Gears, a specialized factory located in Ningbo, China, focusing on the production of timing belts and timing pulleys. Our products have been exported to Europe, America, and other regions worldwide for nearly 30 years. We are experts in producing S2M timing belts and pulleys, offering a complete range of specifications and models. We select high-quality materials from the source, produce them with CNC precision, and conduct multiple quality inspections to deliver satisfactory and reliable products to every customer.

You can contact our customer service for inquiries.

  • How is Sanmin Gears different from other suppliers?

  1. We offer the most comprehensive range of specifications and models for S2M timing belts, and can customize any style. Our production molds are precise, and the materials are high-quality, making our timing belts more accurate and durable.
    S2M timing pulleys can be custom-made according to customer drawings and other requirements, with a short delivery time to meet the needs of most customers.
  2. Advantageous port location: our factory is a one-hour drive from the port and two hours from China’s largest airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, ensuring fast shipping.
  3. Industrial chain advantage: the world’s largest industrial chain, from material sourcing to final surface treatment, is well-equipped and integrated.
  • What is an S2M timing belt, and what makes it different?

    The S2M model timing belt is a precision synchronous belt with a pitch of 2mm. It belongs to the high-torque synchronous toothed belt category, offering excellent transmission efficiency and torque, far superior to the MXL timing belt. Therefore, S2M timing belts are often used in small equipment that requires precision and high torque. It is the best choice.


  • Finally, we offer S2M timing belt production videos and welcome your suggestions.

  • S2M Timing Belt Pulley Video

Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

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