Timing Belts

The timing belt business unit of Sanmin Gears was established in 2000, initially as an export business unit, but it grew into a timing belt processing business unit in 2004, which now independently develops molds and procures raw materials, rigorously inspecting rubber and polyurethane materials. After more than 20 years of development, it has become an indispensable part and project of Sanmin Gears.

Our timing belts have extensive and long-standing trade relations with countries such as Europe, Germany, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States in the Americas, Uruguay, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia in Asia, and Australia.

Timing belt

MXL Timing belts

Maximize Your Precision with Sanmin Gears’ MXL Timing Belts

MXL timing belts, just like MXL timing pulleys, are characterized by high precision and efficiency. They have a trapezoidal shape, which provides excellent power output, making them ideal for high-precision, miniaturized industrial automation applications, micro-mechanical equipment, precision instruments, and even industrial robots

MXL belts

T Series Timing belts

Stay Ahead of Industrial Automation with Sanmin Gears’ Timing Belt Solutions

T2.5, T5, T10, and AT5 timing belts are some of the most commonly used power transmission options in general.

Designed with teeth that fit into grooves on pulleys, T2.5, T5, T10, and AT5 timing belts offer a tighter connection to the pulley, reducing slippage and ensuring smooth, efficient power transmission. They are widely used in scenarios with high torque requirements and longer transmission distances, and can be found in mechanical, industrial, and electrical equipment.

T5 T10 AT5 Timing Belts

HTD Series Timing Belts

HTD3M, 5M, and 8M are industrial timing belts with curved teeth that can provide high torque transmission power. They are widely used in various applications, including machine tools, industrial equipment, automation equipment, and robots.

The materials used for timing belts are usually rubber or PU, but with the advancement of technology, customers have raised demands for wear resistance, oil resistance, and corrosion resistance. To meet these demands, Sanmin Gears has hired researchers from a Chinese university to develop timing belts with these characteristics.

HTD 5M timing belts

GT Series Timing Belts

Sanmin Gears specializes in producing high-precision GT2 timing belts, widely used in the transmission systems of 3D printing equipment, ensuring efficient and precise power transmission.

We offer customized solutions based on customer requirements, accepting drawings and samples to meet their specific needs. Committed to advancing the 3D printing industry, we strive for continuous improvement and the production of high-quality products.

GT2 timing belts