Top 4 Production Methods for Spur Gear Manufacturers

  1. Hobbing Process Production: Using gear hob cutters and hobbing machines to manufacture gears. It is highly efficient, suitable for mass production. With the use of CNC hobbing machines, modern production emphasizes efficiency and precision. The advantage lies in high precision, heat-treatability, good strength, and wear resistance. The drawback is the relatively high labor cost.
  2. Broaching Process Production: Typically utilizing broaching tools, this method can produce spur gears as well as internal gears, including integral combination gears that hobbing machines might struggle with. While not as efficient as hobbing, broaching compensates for its shortcomings.
  3. Gear Shaping Process Production: Creating a precise gear-shaped mold, then directly forming the material into the desired shape. Subsequent machining is required. The disadvantage is lower precision, but the process offers high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It also allows for heat treatment to enhance strength.
  4. Powder Metallurgy Process Production: Involves using a precision gear mold with powdered metal material, pressed and sintered to form gears. The advantages include extremely high efficiency and low cost. The drawback is that the resulting gears may lack strength and can be prone to damage under stress.gears manufacturer

spur gear Manufacturers, regardless of the method chosen for spur gear production, should select based on the specific characteristics of their products. This ensures both product reliability and maximized profitability.

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