Which pulley is more preferable ?

The proper selection of synchronous pulleys is crucial for achieving optimal results in industrial machinery production, as they are commonly used in this field. To choose a suitable synchronous pulley, two main factors should be considered:

CNC gear hobbing machines

1.Based on the motor’s rated power, the selection of pulley power won’t vary significantly. Typically, choosing the pulley width is sufficient for this purpose.

2.The synchronous belt’s length should be chosen based on the motor’s frequency.

Due to the fact that the new Chinese standard for synchronous pulleys has not completely replaced the old one, the production indicators still encompass both sets of criteria. Many synchronous pulley manufacturers use the national standards as a foundation during the production process. Some also adapt their manufacturing processes based on customer requirements, leading to a wide variety of synchronous pulley products available.

Additionally, the use of different materials for synchronous pulleys further adds complexity to the production, resulting in a somewhat disordered situation where finished products may not be compatible with each other. Therefore, our company has classified and integrated products according to different standards, establishing comprehensive archives for synchronous belts and pulleys. We have analyzed and categorized the product requirements for different items.

Furthermore, we have optimized the production processes and techniques for different products in real-time, leading to a significant improvement in product quality.

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